ProAct Concussion Baseline Testing

At home convenience

Most current and reliable FDA approved concussion baseline test measuring multiple aspects of cognitive functioning

Annual pre-injury baseline testing makes concussion management even more effective

App-stored results accessible and owned by the parents. Important when needed for a post-injury test for comparison

$19.95 per player

Registration details TBD

Opportunities for the same comprehensive testing currently administered to professional and collegiate athletes

Company comes to LAHSP for single day testing

Cost based on player participation

ProAct Concussion Baseline Testing

– Insures against season ending injuries

– Reimburses up to 100% of paid registration fees

– Covered regardless of WHERE, WHEN, or HOW the injury occurs

– Costs 3.2% – 3.6% of total fees

– Season is defined as SCDSL dates and 6 post season tournament games

Scenario One: family pays fees in single payment. Player gets injured before the first SCDSL game. Family is reimbursed 100% of paid fees.

Scenario Two: family pays fees in single payment. Player is hurt after 9 of 18 total games. Family is reimbursed 50% of paid fees.

Scenario Three: family is paying fees on payment plan and has paid $750 to date. Player is injured before the first game. Family is paid $750.

Player Experiences


Play in Halftime game


Ball Kids

Dream Team

On-Field experience

Post Game Meet & Greet