Sponsors & Vendors

Murrieta Surf Tournament events are well on their way to becoming the premier soccer tournament of the Inland Empire, hosting soccer clubs from all over southern California and beyond. Our first tournament established in 2014 hosted over 84 teams at a single location and the response from teams, coaches, and families was tremendous. Since 2014 we have now established additional tournament events and are very proud of their continued growth. Murrieta Surf currently host over 400 teams and along with the opportunity to join forces with local and regional partners. We anticipate growing attendance again this year and expect to bring around 12,000 attendees into the Murrieta, Temecula valley throughout the year.

Murrieta Surf is currently hosting three events:

Development Showcase, November 28th-29th

Summer Classic, August 15th-16th

Winter Classic, January 9th-10th

Hosting an event’s of this magnitude doesn’t happen without help, which is why we are looking to work with local, regional, and national companies to make these tournament’s a true success for all.


Becoming a sponsor of the Murrieta Surf soccer tournament is an opportunity to reach thousands of potential customers, as well as support a tremendous 501(c)3 corporation that impacts hundreds of boys and girls in the Murrieta Valley on an annual basis.

The Surf Tournaments offer three standard levels of sponsorship to participate with us and reach thousands of future customers. We also have the ability to customize a sponsorship program that fits the individual needs or marketing presence your company is looking to attain.

Tournament Sponsor $5000*

Organization’s name on Tournament. (Surf Tournament sponsored by….)
Corporate name will be used in all signage and in all printed promotional material.
Sponsor booth at Tournament.
Sponsor may provide promotional materials for inclusion in registration packets distributed to all competing teams.
Logo will be featured on the Championship Banners
Tournament website will list corporate sponsor as the Tournament Sponsor.

Field Sponsor $500*

Field Naming Signage OR Referee Tent Sponsorship OR First Aid Staff/Tent
Corporate name will be used in signage at registration and in any printed promotional materials.
Sponsor may set up its own booth
Sponsor may provide promotional materials for inclusion in registration materials distributed to all competing teams.
Listed on tournament website as a sponsor.

General Sponsor $250*

General sponsors will be visibly identified in signage at the tournament.
Sponsor may provide promotional materials for inclusion in registration materials distributed to all competing teams.
Listed on tournament website as a sponsor.

*Sponsor donations can be offset by suitable contributions-in-kind approved by Tournament Director. Size and location of booths subject to Tournament approval; sponsor to provide booth personnel and pop-up tent.

Murrieta Surf looks forward to working with our sponsorship partners to make our annual event’s a tremendous success. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our marketing management team at the email address below and we will contact you right away to discuss joining together to make this tournament and our sponsoring companies successful for this year and years to come.


Thank you for your interest and support of Murrieta Surf Soccer Club and Tournament events. The tournament management team is excited to partner with local businesses to promote their product and services to our club, our parents and their families, along with all our participating teams. With over 12000 people expected throughout the year, the brand exposure and sales opportunities for our vendor partners are phenomenal!

Murrieta Surf offers three different vendor categories to provide opportunities for our vendors to support the tournament as well as provide a variety of options for our tournament guests.

Non Merchandise Sales vendor – this will include any vendor that is not planning on selling any merchandise on site, but is rather looking for marketing opportunity at a venue that will generate a tremendous amount of traffic. (i.e. Chiropractor, fitness club, etc…) Booth cost: $350.00 donation per event – covers all days of both boys and girls tournaments.
Merchandising Sales vendor – This would include all non-food vendors that will promote and sell any type of merchandise on site. (Sporting goods supplier, t-shirts, photos, accessories, etc…) Booth cost: 20% donations of sales **
Food vendors – any vendor that plans on selling any sort of food items will fall under this category. (Snow cones, coffee, tacos, sub sandwiches, etc…) Booth cost: 20% donation of sales **

** Food vendors and merchandising sales vendors will need to provide a $350.00 deposit to secure booth space – $50.00 is non-refundable and does not apply to the 20% of sales donation. The remaining booth rental deposit ($300.00) will be deducted from the percentage of sales. Please be prepared to give an estimated daily total of gross sales at the end of each day.

Food Vendors are required to provide the following in order to be approved as qualified vendors

  • Current Business License (City of Murrieta business license),
  • Current Health Department certification for on-site food sales
  • Signed vendor agreement form with approved sales percentages
  • Vendors are required to provide their own electrical power – none will be available on site. We prefer quite generators to enhance the enjoyment of all guests and teams

All Food vendor booths will be situated within “Vendor Row”, with the exception of those utilizing a food truck/trailer configuration. There are a limited number of food truck locations and vendor partnerships will be determined by the tournament management committee. All food vendors will adhere strictly to the rules and regulations provided to each vendor in the vendor agreement packet and the agreement will be signed and returned to the tournament management chairperson, before vendor acceptance is confirmed, and must be turned in no later than 4 weeks prior to the first weekend event.

If you have any questions, please contact tournament director at Directorsurfclassic@gmail.com

Thank you for your support!

Murrieta Surf Tournament Team