Message from Rob Hawkes (President) and Steve Myles (Director of Soccer Operations) Murrieta Surf

We are fully aware the of the current situation in regards to the COVID pandemic and the dangerous levels our hospitals are experiencing at this time. With that in mind we are holding off having full open try-outs as the safety and well-being of all players and their families always come first.

During this difficult time our thoughts and appreciation go out to all the frontline workers.

In regards to try-outs we have been absolutely inundated with requests as to when the club will be holding try-outs. We certainly appreciate the high level of interest in Murrieta Surf and thank everyone for their interest in joining our club. We do not feel that holding full blown try-outs is the right thing to do at this time, however we are pleased to announce that Murrieta Surf will be opening registration immediately for age groups 2015 to 2007.

2021/2022 Try-out Announcement

2021/22 Season Older Tryouts

2003 BOYS
2003 GIRLS
2005 BOYS
2005 GIRLS
2007 BOYS
2007 GIRLS
2009 BOYS
2009 GIRLS
2004 BOYS
2004 GIRLS
2006 BOYS
2006 GIRLS
2008 BOYS
2008 GIRLS

2021/22 Season Younger Tryouts

2010 BOYS
2010 GIRLS
2012 BOYS
2012 GIRLS
2014 BOYS
2014 GIRLS
2011 GIRLS
2011 BOYS
2013 BOYS
2013 GIRLS
2015 BOYS
2015 GIRLS

Price Details

2021/22 Price Details TBC